Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Me & Ariella went to visit my dad in San Diego today and I loveeeee taking pictures in his neighboorhood. It has the prettiest vistas out there, i kinda started thinking about moving out here. Its so quiet and would be a perfect place for me and her. I finalllly got my hands on some UNIF Hellboundz and i love them!!!! They really make me 5 feet taller but i wouldn't recommend them when holding a 2 month year old. Just Saying. I also copped some Garter Leggings from this thrift store in San Diego. I am so anal about thrift stores because i feel they don't wash their clothes good, but i couldn't resist this store. They had a mix of old and new but everything was so cute I had to make an exception.

Story of the day, today was Ariella's doctors appointment which is the reason we traveled to San Diego. She had to get 3 shots. & On the way there she was looking as if she knew she was going to the doctor's. She was doing fake laughs and looking at me intently right?

Those damn doctors put my baby on that chair & made ME hold her leg while she was getting her shots. She was screaming & hollering, while my heart was breaking. She was crying & staring at me like I was the one giving her pain.

We got back in the car, she glared at me then fell asleep. I swear doctor's are the enemy, they try to sucker you! LOL 


Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Here's some motivation of the month for you guyzz.

4 months ago


if my fat, iamatacotuesdayfaithfullyattender can do it, anyone can. lol

& of course, your dose of Ariella

i know, short post. but i have a story for you guys tomorrow. 


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Baby Showers & Stuffs

Guess whose shower i went to today?
The beautiful Amber Rose & Wizzy Khalifa
I had so much fun especially since I wasn't the one that was pregnant.
She is so sweet & I never seen more perfect couple.
I bought them a little monkey rocker which was so adorbzz.

Isn't her dress so adorbz . Its a colorful keyboard, only Ms.Rose lol

& of course I returned home to the many faces of Ariella

She is such a faker.
I told you I would post more. lol


Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Already?

I finally have sat my ass down and gathered a breath and realized these few days have flew passed me. It is 2013 and I finally understand what my elders were saying about how there's a difference a year makes. In 2012, i laughed, i cried, i turned up, i turned down, i loved, i lost trust, & i was betrayed. But most importantly, I learned SO much. I truly wished I knew then what i know now. I am in such a different place in my life and i have matured so much. I graduated, Moved into my OWN house, had a beautiful baby, and don't take anything from anyone. I Am Truly WIDE AWAKE. Adios 2012 Hola 2013!!!

You know First of the Months are my new favorite days. My baby gets one month older!!! I am truly honored and blessed that God put her in my life. I thought that since I was 21 I was going to spend all my nights partying and thinking of only myself. Now i spend my nights with diapers bottles & blankets. I am in a completely brand new state of mind since I had her. Everyone doubted me and told me I couldn't take care of her on my own. I am young but I am old enough to take responsibility for her. Do I wish I could've waited and gotten married? Of course. But everything happens for a reason & I wouldn't be the person I am now or as successful. I am soooo glad I can wake up to her and have her put a smile on my face. S/O TO ALL THE MOMS DOING IT 24/7 WITH LIMITED HELP! I under estimated you all, you have so much strength. AGJ<3

People were wondering why I haven't posted as many pictures of my boyfriend as I used to as on my old blog. The reasoning is we aren't on that same level as we used to be before i had Ariella. I am busy mommying(new verb, get used to it) and working and he is a senior in college & trying to finish football so he can get drafted and what not. Our lives are so busy and he doesn't live with me as he lives on campus so we only see each other on weekends when he visits the baby. I didn't think that it would be this hard. I just wished he was able to see her grow like i have. She changes every day, Everyday she is doing something new and I feel he is missing it. I still love him all the same, we are just at two different places in our lives right now.

& of course my New Years Outfit,

How does a mom kill them off like this? I will never know. The whole outfit is from . Check that site out if you like. 
I hope you all had a happy safe New Years & I hope this year provides you many blessings. Because i already have the greatest of them all.

NEWYEARSRESOLUTION: to blog more lolol 


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Yea, So I Lied;

i said i was going to update regularly but that is seemingly IMPOSSIBLE.
house with a baby is something even i wasn't prepared for even after i prepared for it
For one, i'm always tired. even when i'm tired i'm even more tired.
i'm so tired i cant even sleep most of the time.
Secondly, i have the sorest nipples.
is sorest a word?
but my nipples feel like they have been through so much abuse.
just looking at Ariella and my breast hurt.
And most of all, time flies so fast. one second im breastfeeding and the next i'm cleaning
its automatic, so i only find solace at night when she attempts to sleep through the night.
Like now i am watching Maury and how people are arguing over baby daddays & such.
Ariella likes this too. She smiles so huge when she hears "you are not the father!"
But she gets cuter and cuter each day, & it makes it all worth it.

but indeed, apart from the cute little baby.


me and this guy went out like normal people this weekend. i was homesick and i missed my puka.
but i had so much fun.
but i think my body is already used to mom life because i couldn't get out of bed the next day.
I'm just going to stay at home, and rep mommy hood.

You know i couldn't miss the Early Christmas Sales, so Puka and I headed out to American Apparel. I cant wait for the colder weather so i can show you guys some new styles.
Until Then, ill try to update more regularly haha


Sunday, December 2, 2012



She is going to be just as bad as her momma!



Lord; Where to begin?
So Much has happen since i last had a blog.
For starters, I FINALLY MOVED!
Byebye Calabasas, ill miss coaching my cheergirls, but the time had come.
i now reside in the beautiful Santa Monica. Which i love the environment is awesomeness.

I graduated from FIDM; & am now working with my sister who works as Fashion Director at The MC Agency.

(moment of silence)

Meet Ariella Giselle Johnson.
Born November 1, 2012
7 pounds 6 ounces, 21 inches.
She is such a great creation, birth story coming later, THAT WAS AN EXPERIENCE TO TELL!

By the way, She turned one month yesterday.

Man she grew SO fast during that one month. 

On another note, Since I'm a momma my fashion sense hasn't changed.
I still spend more than i should, its just divided between the both of us.
I still will be posting OOTD's just not as regularly as i should. 
So without further ado;

the longest post you'll ever see probably! HAHA
i'll try to post regularly, but don't hate me if i don't.
Stay Fashionable!